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The IncoDocs Team

Brandon Boor IncoDocs

Brandon Boor

CEO / Co-Founder

Brandon is a former professional athlete and Co–Founder of Landed Price Pty Ltd, an international trading company specializing in sourcing, purchasing, shipping and customs clearance. Combining his competitive nature and ability to focus, with almost a decade of logistics experience, Brandon brings a valuable skill set perfectly equipped to tackle the issues within Global Trade.

Ben Thompson IncoDocs

Ben Thompson


For the last 10 years Ben has specialized in sourcing, purchasing and importing products from factories throughout Asia.  Ben utilized his knowledge of identifying product and market opportunities to found his own importing business and has since grown a passion Global Trade.  Ben is always looking at innovative ways to improve procedures and increase efficiencies throughout Global Trade.

David Hooper IncoDocs

David Hooper

Technical Co-Founder

David is a dedicated software developer, his passion lies in problem solving and developing cloud software solutions for big industries.  David has been identified as a high achiever through his experience in quickly developing solutions and turning ideas into high quality products.  David has effectively ran development teams and helps team members move fast.

Terry Suen IncoDocs

Terry Suen

Client Manager - Asia

Terry has spent 8 years bridging the gap between factories throughout Asia to buyers in the Western World.  Terry specializes in sourcing new suppliers and developing strong lasting relationships.  He speaks fluent English and Mandarain and has obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Terry's knowledge of Western buyer's requirements and the capabilities of Asian factories is key to developing lasting business.


Matt Laurie IncoDocs

Matt Laurie

Technical Advisor

Matt has 15 years of experience as a software developer, founder, mentor and advisor.  Matt has worked on projects from varying from early stage startup MVPs to building a custom mobile phone to the large Oracle enterprise system integrations. Matt now specializes in software development practices for the early life of a startup to take the ideas to create real-world products to get in the hands of customers.

Mike O'Brien IncoDocs

Mike O'Brien

Advisor - Freight & Logistics


Mike is a Founding Partner and Managing Director of OBM International Trade Services Pty Ltd, a multi-disciplined professional services business that specialized in multiple disciplines, including international freight forwarding, customs clearance, government incentive schemes, inventory analysis, supply chain, customs law and compliance risk management.  Mike grew the company to 75 staff with 7 offices across multiple continents before exiting in 2011 (Now owned by 20Cube International Logistics).