The Import Export Global Trade Forum

The IncoChat forum is a community where everyone involved in Global Trade can connect to share useful industry news, information and tips.

Global trade can be a very complex and confusing process.  To be successful in the import / export process, you must have access to trusted information and resources, to get the answers you need.

As part of our mission to make global trade easy, we want to provide everyone in the industry with a community to connect and share useful industry information. Join the discussions at

How does the IncoChat Global Trade forum work?

Simply sign up at and start posting.  Post your question to get answers from the community. Share your thoughts, information, helpful resources or news.  You can login from your mobile phone, and receive notifications as people reply to posts.

  • Do you have a burning question?
  • Are you looking for news and opinions on industry topics?
  • Are you looking for new tools or tips on how to improve your business process?
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What topics are covered in the IncoChat Import Export forum?

The forum is open to all topics related to global trade.  The main categories that you can post to:

Are you involved in Global Trade?

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