The Export and Import Shipping Trade Guide

IncoTerms Explained – The Complete Guide

How to Calculate the Landed Cost of Imported Goods?

Understand shipping container specifications and shipping methods

The HS Code and HTS code for Global Trade Explained

Partner with IncoDocs to streamline your supply chain.

Global Trade is complicated.  Partner with us to create a more connected supply chain for you and your customers. Digitization of Global Trade Global Trade is evolving.  Thanks to the advancements in software and technology, all companies that are involved in the end-to-end supply chain now have the ability to streamline their manual processes and […]

Collapsible Shipping Containers | Podcast

The Import Export Podcast Nicholas from CEC Systems discusses how collapsible shipping containers can be used throughout the supply chain.  We discuss the logistics issues throughout the supply chain that will be solved through reliable collapsible containers.  CEC System’s collapsible shipping container design. Imbalanced supply supply chains results in re-positioning empty shipping containers around the […]

The complete guide to choosing the right freight forwarder

It’s essential to partner with a freight forwarder that fits your import export operations. What is a freight forwarder? Freight Forwarders are companies that specialize in all arranging the shipping and logistics of goods from the start to finish of the supply chain. Because the International supply chain involves so many different processes and parties […]

Podcast – The Future of Global Supply Chains

The Import Export Podcast Global supply chains are at the start of a digital revolution. Brian from the Worldwide Supply Chain Network discusses how Global Supply Chains are being affected by Brexit, Tariff updates, trade wars and digital innovations.  We discuss how businesses involved in the import export process can minimize the impact these changes […]

The difference between accounting invoices and export invoices.

Companies shipping goods Internationally need to provide export invoices to meet trade compliance What is the difference between an accounting invoice and an export invoice? Standard ‘accounting invoices’ contain enough information to cover the requirements for domestic sales and transactions.  The fields included on an accounting invoice is quite simple compared to an ‘export invoice’. […]

Phytosanitary Certificate used in Global Trade

A Phytosanitary Certificate is required when exporting plants, plant products or other regulated articles. What is a Phytosanitary Certificate? A Phytosanitary Certificate is an official document required when shipping regulated articles such as plants, plant products or other regulated articles.  A phyto certificate is an official document that is generated from the exporting country’s Department […]

The difference between a Proforma Invoice and Commercial Invoice

Proforma Invoices and Commercial Invoices are important documents used in the global trade process. What is a Proforma Invoice? A Proforma Invoice document is an important sales document that is created by the seller of goods.  When an International order is confirmed, the seller will create a Proforma Invoice document and send it to the […]

How Export Documentation Software will improve your import export business.

If you are involved in global trade, this is how export documentation software will improve your business process. If you’re running an import export business or trading company, you are already aware of all of the important export documents required to get products shipped overseas.  Using Microsoft Word or Excel templates can be very time […]

The Export and Import Shipping Trade Guide

Global Trade gives importers and exporters all over the world endless opportunities to sell their products with anyone around the globe.  You must clearly understand the procedures involved in global trade, it requires connecting with importers, exporters and shipping companies to communicate vital information and documentation to get products delivered around the world.  Download the […]

IncoTerms Explained – The Complete Guide

Incoterms play such a vital part in global trade.  IncoTerms 2010 or IncoTerms 2018 can seem to be confusing at first.  But, buyers and sellers must clearly understand how they work and their obligations along the supply chain.  In this article we provide simple explanations along with an IncoTerms infographic to explain IncoTerms.  What are […]

How to Calculate the Landed Cost of Imported Goods?

When sourcing products from overseas suppliers, it is essential to accurately calculate the Landed Cost of Imported Goods. In order to do that, you must clearly understand all of the additional costs and charges involved in the supply chain process.  Before contacting an overseas supplier and get quotations for products, make sure you have a clear […]

Understand shipping container specifications and shipping methods

What are the different shipping methods used to export products overseas? When exporting goods from overseas, there are different types of shipping methods and shipping container specifications to consider.  The shipping method to use mainly depends on the product’s overall packing sizes, cubic measurement or total weight. Shipping containers are the most efficient means of transport […]

Learn the Export Documentation required for the Import / Export process.

Export documentation is essential to get products shipped along the import export supply chain.  There are many important sales and shipping documents that must be used.  It may seem confusing at first, but importers and exporters must understand who creates each document and how they are used.  In this article we explain the main export […]

The HS Code and HTS code for Global Trade Explained

A HS code or HTS code plays such a vital role in International trade. However, the system of codes and jargon involved around the these codes can make it difficult to classify and understand.  In this article we explain the common terms that are used throughout the customs clearance process so that shippers can meet […]

5 Tips For Better Sourcing Suppliers from Alibaba

How to correctly source a new supplier from Alibaba? Sourcing suppliers from online marketplaces like Alibaba can be a quick and cheap option for your business. However, you must know what to look for and what to avoid.  Finding the right supplier for your business is key to your import export success. There will be hundreds, […]

Bill of Lading in International Trade Shipments

What is a Bill of Lading in Import, Export and Shipping? A Bill of Lading (B/L or BoL) document is an extremely important document involved in the shipping and logistics industry.  A Bill of Lading is a document that is issued by the Carrier of goods to the “Shipper” of the goods.  It’s a document […]

The SOLAS VGM regulations explained

Updated Verified Gross Mass regulations enforce strict procedures for shippers The SOLAS VGM is a strict global regulation enforced by the International Marine Organization (IMO).  The SOLAS regulations were updated to ensure that shipper’s correctly declare the total verified gross mass of shipping containers ready for export.  These new regulation places responsibility onto the shipper […]

Create a Commercial Invoice document for Import Export

What is a Commercial Invoice document? A Commercial Invoice document is an important trade document used in Global Trade.  When products are shipped Internationally, the shipper will have to provide the buyer with a Commercial Invoice document.  The buyer (importer) will use this invoice and other shipping documents to get the products cleared through customs […]

Create a Packing List for Import Export Shipments

What is an Export Packing List? An export packing list is a detailed document that states all of the product and packaging details contained in each shipment.  Shippers must create a compliant packing list document to be used by parties along the supply chain.  Therefore, packing list documents are required for all seafreight and airfreight […]

How to create a Proforma Invoice and Purchase Order Documents

Learn how a Proforma Invoice and Purchase Order documents work in Global Trade. What is a Proforma Invoice? A Proforma Invoice document is an important document that is created by the seller of goods.  When they buyer and seller have communicated the details of the products they want to order, the seller will create a […]

Shipper’s Letters of Instruction to a freight forwarder

What is a Shipper’s Letter of Instruction? A Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI) is an essential legal document/contract created between the shipper and the freight forwarder (or 3rd party) that is organizing the export of a shipment.  It is a detailed document used in International trade that provides logistics instructions relating the the export of […]

Quotation Documents for Export Shipments

What is an Export Quotation document? When Importers source new products and connect with Exporters, the exporter will offer their product details and pricing information.  The Exporter must ensure that all information is clearly stated in a correctly formatted Quotation document.  This will ensure that there are no disputes relating to product quality, specifications, pricing […]

Packing Declaration Document ISPM15

What is an Export Packing Declaration document? An export packing declaration is an important document that states the type of packaging materials that are used to pack the goods inside your container.  It is to ensure that any timber packaging used are ISPM15 compliant, to protect the spread of insects and disease which can be […]

Order Confirmation Document for Import Export Shipments

What is an Order Confirmation document? When Buyers and Sellers in International trade place new orders, the seller (exporter) can send an Order Confirmation document to the buyer (importer) to reconfirm all of the details of the new order.  An order confirmation document is usually sent to the buyer after the buyer has issued a Purchase […]

The History of the Shipping Container created in 1956

Most people don’t understand or recognize the significance of the humble shipping container.  Before shipping containers, all goods were manually loaded into sacks, barrels and wooden creates loaded directly onto cargo vessels – known as break-bulk shipping.  It could take up to 3 weeks to unload and load each ship.  Today’s massive container ships can […]

How to get a Certificate of Origin from a Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce play a pivotal role in providing Certificate of Origin documents used for global trade. A certificate of origin document is an important document used in global trade to confirm the country of origin of where the goods have actually been manufactured or processed.  The document will be used when the country of […]

How Exporters Finance Global Trades

Globally we transport over $10 trillion USD worth of goods each year. For exporters, producing products to sell is just one part of the bigger picture when running their businesses.  Often buyers demand bulk shipments which are costly to initially produce, they want to pay on their own terms (which could be risky for the exporter), […]

Podcast – How Blockchain will change Global Trade and Logistics

The Import Export Podcast Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize Global Trade and the import export process. Warwick from BeefLedger explains what blockchain technology is, how it works and how blockchain solutions are being applied to real world import export shipments. Blockchain technology provides value for all parties along the supply chain, from shippers, […]

Podcast – Sourcing goods from Alibaba with Heather from Sourcing Playground

The Import Export Podcast Heather from Sourcing Playground explains how buyers should correctly source imported goods from online marketplaces such as Alibaba, Made-In-China, Global Sources others.  Heather gives key tips on how to correctly give suppliers detailed product information, how to compare supplier’s quotations and product specifications, overcome language and cultural barriers, understand if you […]

Podcast – Marine Insurance with Steve from Coverfreight

The Import Export Podcast Steve from Coverfreight gives our listeners and understanding of how marine insurance works. We discuss why it’s important for shippers to insure their cargo and who should cover insurance based on the IncoTerms agreed. Steve gives insight into some of the common problems and claims made when shipping goods Internationally. We […]

Podcast – International Shipping with Conor from Explorate

The Import Export Podcast Conor from Explorate gives an overview of how the shipping process currently works and we discuss how the industry is beginning to change through software. We give shippers tips on how to improve their supply chain and logistics withing their business using readily available software. Topics Covered: What is the current […]

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