Create and Download a New and Unused Manufacturer’s Declaration Document

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Create a New and Unused Declaration to be used in the customs clearance process.


What is a Manufacturer’s New and Unused Declaration used for?

During the import export process, the shipper and/or manufacturer is required to submit important information and declarations, such as a New and Unused Declaration. Various shipping documentation and declarations are shared through to importers, freight forwarders and customs brokers to be used in the customs clearance and quarantine process.

Many different types of declarations can be made. In this case, a Manufacturer’s New and Unused Declaration document is used to provide details and statements about the manufacture, storage and treatment of products that have been shipped.


How to create and download a New and Unused Declaration Document for import export

In the past, some shippers have messed around with creating documents in Word or Excel templates. Shippers can now use IncoDocs to digitally complete and sign a New and Unused Declaration document online, then download a PDF copy to share with other export documentation for each shipment.

Shippers complete New and Unused Declarations in minutes by eliminating data re-entry and clicking to pre-fill contact information into the document. Try it yourself with IncoDocs.


What information is included on a Manufacturer’s New and Unused Declaration template?

It’s important that manufacturers provide all information that is required on a New and Unused Declaration template to avoid having any issues or delays through the customs clearance process. Most customs departments require declarations to be provided on a company letterhead.


Some of the information to be included on a New and Unused Declaration document includes:

  • Manufacturer’s details, including company name, address and contact details
  • Date of Manufacture
  • The manufacturer’s declaration, one example:
    • To Whom It May Concern. This declaration is to state that the goods shipped on commercial invoice number 1234 are new and unused and have not been field or factory tested. The goods do not contain any solid wood or plywood components.
  • The goods are new and:
    • have not been factory trialled and have been stored in a manner to prevent contamination with bio-security risk material.
    • all bio-security risk material has been removed and/or treated to Department of Agriculture and Water Resources standards following factory testing.
  • Details of any treatment applied (if applicable)
  • Details of storage arrangements from manufacture date to shipping date
  • Any plumbing components are new and have had all bio-security risk material treated to Department of Agriculture and Water Resources standards (if applicable).
  • Additional info (if required)
  • To finalize the document the manufacturer can add their signatory details
    • Place and Date of Issue
    • Signatory Company
    • Name of Authorized Signatory
    • Signature


Note: When manufacturing steps have been carried out by several manufacturers, the manufacturer’s declarations must be submitted by all manufacturers to cover all steps of the manufacturing process. Where a manufacturer does only a particular step of the process, the declaration should reflect that step only.

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