How Export Documentation Software will improve your import export business.

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Office of export company using software to create documents.

If you are involved in global trade, this is how export documentation software will improve your business process.

If you’re running an import export business or trading company, you are already aware of all of the important export documents required to get products shipped overseas.  Using Microsoft Word or Excel templates can be very time consuming and costly to your business.

Today, thanks to advancements in technology, shippers all over the world can save time and money through streamlined shipping document software.

This post compares manually creating shipping documents in Word or Excel templates, with IncoDocs software for export companies.

Excel and Word Templates Vs IncoDocs software
Excel & Word templates VS IncoDocs

The problem with manually creating shipping document templates

Many export companies have setup their own templated documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists, packing declarations, declaration of origin documents and more.  Usually somebody created these templates using Microsoft Word or Excel.  Therefore, this process requires retyping the same data over and over again, or copying and pasting between documents.  Software for export companies will dramatically improve the shipping document process.

Many trading companies are using multiple programs to create some documents and then re-typing information into accounting systems.  Because of this, it creates an unreliable process that is prone to human error. Every time that data is re-entered there is a real risk to your business.  One simple error on a shipping document can cause big delays, fines and missed shipments.

On top of that, each employee will be creating and storing documents and information in a different manner.  Important shipping documents are usually saved on a company drive or cloud based storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.  Each employee will be emailing documents to supply chain partners with their own email account.  This process lacks consistency, accuracy and insight into your global trade operations.

This has been the standard way for import export businesses to create and share shipping documents in the past.  But today, thanks to advancements in software, exporting companies around the world can now upgrade their manual paperwork operations.  Here’s an overview of why import export companies invest in export documentation software.

Create your shipping documentation up to 10x faster

If your team are using templates for export documents, how long does it take to create a full set of shipping documents?  By using IncoDocs, when the first document is created, data can be instantly copied to other documents as required.

Copy data from Quotations to Purchase Orders, Proforma Invoices, Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists (FCL, LCL and consolidated) Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI), Forwarding Instructions, Verified Gross Mass declarations (VGM), Packing Declarations and more.  IncoDocs software for export companies allows users to create documents up to 10x faster than manually entering data into Word or Excel sheets.


Most companies have a large list of contacts and products. By using IncoDocs, you can store all of your contacts and products so that users simply click to complete document fields.  If you have a huge list of contacts or products they can be instantly uploaded from a CSV file.

We’ve spoken to many companies that use multiple systems to create documents.  This required duplicating data entry into their accounting systems.  By using software for export companies, data can be integrated directly with your accounting platform to save you even more time and money.

Go Paperless with Digital Signatures & Countersigning documents

Is your team still manually printing, signing, scanning and emailing shipping documents?  IncoDocs allows your team to insert digital signatures, then share documents directly from your dashboard.  On top of that, all documents can be securely shared with suppliers, customers or freight companies at the click of a button.

Using IncoDocs, you can countersign your Proforma Invoices, Purchase Orders and Sales Contracts online.  Both parties can add their digital company stamp / seal and signature to completely transition to a paperless office.  This allows companies to close deals faster, sign contracts from anywhere, reduce admin time, reduce paper & operational costs.


Software for Export Companies ensures your whole team creates compliant shipping documents

Manually entering data into shipping document templates opens up the risk for human error.  Every time that data is copied and pasted to other documents you run the risk of the wrong information being submitted on your documents.  If one small input error is made, it can potentially cause your business big problems that include delays, fines and missed shipments.

IncoDocs shipping document templates are aligned to United Nations Layout Key (UNLK) to ensure that fields will meet compliance.  This ensures that data is entered correctly, making it easier for anyone in your team to create documents with confidence.

Get real insight into your global trade operations

Running and import export business requires everyone to have instant access to your information to make the right decisions.  Therefore, if your documents, data and communications are spread across multiple systems, your team will be wasting time looking for the information that they need.

This creates a lack of instant visibility into the status of all of the company’s orders, shipments and communications.  IncoDocs allows everybody in your team to store and organize your trade documentation from 1 place.  Also, users can store and upload all shipping documents into organized folders.  In doing so, this will give your company instant insight into the current status of your sales, orders and shipments.

Shipping Storage and Visibility
Get real visibility into your Global Trade operations.

Measure and report on company performance and conversions

How are you measuring the performance of sales teams and conversions of new quotes into orders?  Using IncoDocs you can track and measure the number of documents created per employee, to get real statistics on performance and conversions.

It is vital to have reporting setup correctly to measure your key company metrics to make informed decisions.  In doing so, monitoring new sales, orders and shipments will help you forecast cash-flow in your business.

Get instant access to important company information from anywhere, anytime

Cloud based shipping document software allows you to instantly access your company’s shipping document process from anywhere in the world.  This gives managers the insight they need into the whole team’s performance and operations.

Get instant access to the information you need from the office, warehouse or when on the road.  This allows you to create, edit, store or share export documents from desktops, tablets or mobile phones.

Shipping documents created on a mobile phone
Access your documents on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Upgrade your shipping document operations for the future of global trade

Change is coming.  The global supply chain is at the start of a massive digital revolution.  Because of this, the future of trade will require digital formats and integrations.  In future, emailing PDF documents will not be accepted.  Therefore, upgrading your company’s documentation process will allow you to integrate with your supply chain partners in a more cost effective way.  Every party along the supply chain relies on that data that is contained in shipping documents.  Shipping lines, freight forwarders, port authorities, banks, customs and trucking companies are investing heavily to transform their manual paper based operations.

This will streamline the flow of shipping data to all parties involved in the supply chain.  If your documentation is in a digital format, you can easily pass this to your freight partners to reduce admin and documentation fees.

In doing so, this will give your business the competitive advantage and ensure you are ready for the future of global trade.

Example Case:  Read how a Multi-National company Murata Manufacturing digitized all company documents relating to export procedures.

IncoDocs software for exporters increases the efficiency of export documentation departments

IncoDocs has allowed companies in global trade to upgrade their shipping document process.  If you need more information speak to one of our trade specialists, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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